The women and men debate-part one

Women that don’t need men We can’t live without men or we can’t live without women. This is the club of realistic people. Most of the people are in this category. Then something goes wrong and you jump into the skeptic group: we CAN live without men and we CAN live without women. Because I’m

Romanian Food in Europe and in the UK

Romanian Food in UK online store in Birmingham and London

There is a large amount of Romanian Food online nowadays and there are some nice Romanian Food stores in the UK. Fresh traditional food from the Eastern Europe such us mititei, sarmale or salami, all these products come here in the UK under the European Union label.

We are on Technorati-Noi Romani in UK

As we are growing strong day by day we’ve registered with the prestigious service Technorati . For this reason you can follow our articles on Technorati as well. Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs. By June 2008, Technorati was indexing 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media.